My Videos

F O R T H C O M I N G :
"What is Eastern Orthodoxy
…and what about those beards?"

INTRO:  Search the Internet for an informative, engaging introduction to Eastern Orthodoxy and you will find few, if any, offerings.  This realization inspired me to create a YouTube video to fill the void.  My passion is to educate, motivate, engage, and entertain.  This video brings these elements together in order to communicate the Eastern Orthodox Faith. 

In the space of about 30 minutes, viewers will gain a basic understanding of Orthodoxy (in America), including its history, beliefs and worship.  The target age is 20-40 years old.  To that end, I have tried to avoid a strictly documentary format (‘talking heads’) in favor of a more energetic approach that includes skits, humor, and special effects.  There are no interviews or lectures per se, though the entire production is content rich.   
This HD video can be linked to church websites as a teaching tool or as an entry point for potential converts. 

PLAN:  The script is divided into four major parts, each part opens with a humorous skit:
A brief history and demography of the Church
Revelation, tradition, and spirituality
Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism confused and compared
Worship and liturgy

"What a Billion Muslims Believe" 

This ground-breaking, four-part documentary (37 min) considers global, Muslim beliefs and practices as they relate to security, terrorism, and the potential threat to Western culture. The data, which is presented with numerous color graphs and tables, is compiled from extensive polls conducted in 39 countries by Pew Research. For more information, see the original report, published by the Muslim Global Demographic Project. Part 1: Do Muslims Want to Live Under Sharia? Part 2: Does Sharia Conflict with Human Rights? Part 3: Do Muslims Support Terrorism? Part 4: What Does Religious Devotion Have to Do With Sharia and Immigration?

"The Holy Fire in Scripture, History, and Science" 

40 min. Presentation

Each year at Pascha (Easter), an inexplicable phenomena, called the "Holy Fire" (Greek:  "Holy Light"), appears near the tomb of Jesus in the church of the Holy Sepulcher (Jerusalem).  Regarded by many as the world's oldest public miracle, it is also the subject of recent scientific investigations.

I.  What is the Holy Fire? 
II.  Where is the Holy Fire found in Scripture?   
III.  What is the History of the Holy Fire? 
IV.  What does Science tell us about the Holy Fire?

"Through the Lens of Muhammad's Life:  How the Example and Teachings of Muhammad Shape Islam Today"

43 min. Documentary

For the vast majority of Muslims, the example and teachings of Muhammad are the final authority for Islamic beliefs, practices, and interpretation of the Quran. This documentary traces the origin of modern Islamic doctrines and practices from the life of Muhammad himself.  It also explains some of
the apparent contradictions we find in Islam (e.g., between peace and the use of violence), and will enable viewers to better judge the legitimacy of assertions made by Muslims and Islamic groups who claim to represent “true Islam.” 
Topics covered (43 minutes):
1. Muhammad’s Authority
2. From Peaceful Persuasion to Violent Extremism
3. Magnanimity, Generosity, and Mercy
4. Jihad (Holy War) for the Cause of Islam
5. Jews, Christians, and Pagans Under Islam
6. The Roots of Jewish Hatred
7. Marriage and Women
8. Slavery in Islam
9. The Enigmatic Muhammad

A special thanks to those who assisted in the production, editing, and review of this documentary!

 "Wealth, Power, and The American Experiment"

9 min. Educational Video

Socialism and Laissez Faire Capitalism have one thing in common: They both end badly.  In this video I explain how the concentration of wealth and power historically ends in tyranny.  But, there is a better way:  Free Enterprise and Limited Government.

Bill Scientific 
"The Greenhouse Effect"

30 min. Educational Video

Let's face it, high school science videos can be boring and ineffective.  I like my science with a twist of comic exaggeration. So I decided to produce a video with enough humor to keep the students awake, and enough depth to challenge them intellectually.
Unlike introductory videos which attempt to cover a broad field of knowledge in a short time, the goal of this video is to drill down into specific, but pivotal, topics.