Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A New Documentary on Muhammad and Islamic Doctrine

After a year in the making, I have finally completed work on,  "Through the Lens of Muhammad's Life:  How the Example and Teachings of Muhammad Shape Islam Today."  This non-confrontational documentary presents a fair and respectful treatment of Islam, but without sugarcoating or poisoning the facts. Historical honesty demands an impartial review of the data before drawing a conclusion.  This approach, I believe, will also enable us to reach a wider audience.
43 min

The premise of the documentary:  For the vast majority of Muslims, the example and teachings of Muhammad are the final authority for Islamic beliefs, practices, and interpretation of the Quran. This documentary traces the origin of modern Islamic doctrines and practices from the life of Muhammad himself.  It also explains some of the apparent contradictions we find in Islam (e.g., between peace and the use of violence), and will enable viewers to better judge the legitimacy of assertions made by Muslims and Islamic groups who claim to represent “true Islam.” 
Topics covered (43 minutes):
1. Muhammad’s Authority
2. From Peaceful Persuasion to Violent Extremism
3. Magnanimity, Generosity, and Mercy
4. Jihad (Holy War) for the Cause of Islam
5. Jews, Christians, and Pagans Under Islam
6. The Roots of Jewish Hatred
7. Marriage and Women
8. Slavery in Islam
9. The Enigmatic Muhammad

A special thanks to those who assisted in the production, editing, and review of this documentary.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Word of Explanation

Welcome to Science Et Cetera.  This blog is a portal to my research and writings.  It will be updated as material becomes available.

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