Friday, September 2, 2011

A Word of Explanation

Welcome to Science Et Cetera.  This blog is a portal to my research and writings.  It will be updated as material becomes available.

Under each subject tab you will find links to my papers, photos, graphics, and other articles of interest.  All the material is accessible on the web either in its original published form, or as a Google Doc.

I like to share my interests by doing educational presentations at schools and libraries (at no charge) on Radioactivity and Weather (not at the same time!).  Information on these presentations can be found under the appropriate tab.

My recent science video (posted on YouTube) combines facts with comedy to teach high school and middle school students about the Greenhouse Effects.

Also, be sure to look at "Amazing Facts about Radioactivity".  I guarantee you will be amazed!  It also contains important factoids about radioactivity in the environment and its impact on your health.