I am available to speak to groups on a number of topics shown in this blog:
  • Islam
  • Creation and Evolution
  • Science and Faith
  • Weather and Climate
  • Radioactivity
 Click on each tab to see the work and publications I have done in that field.

I hold a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Marquette University.  My professional background includes:
  • Adjunct Professor of Religion (Wheaton College, Mt. Union College)
  • Video Production (Kinetoscope microProductions)
  • Meteorology (U.S. Navy, National Weather Service)
  • Engineering (ultrasonic polymer joining processes, automation)
  • Graphic Design (Sacred Engraving)
I am currently an instructor in Physical and Earth Science at Heritage Classical Academy (near Akron, Ohio), and the owner of Kinetoscope microProductions.

To contact me by email, use kinetoscope.micro  at  gmail.com (please change "at" to @ and remove the spaces).